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About #JustOneRhino

The rhino situation in South Africa is critical, with one being poached every 7 hours. Current predictions suggest they’ll go extinct in the wild within 20 years if the current poaching rate continues.

Travelers Building Change is raising money for Rhinos Without Borders, a project which is working to translocate 100 rhinos from South Africa to Botswana to protect them from the tragic rise in poaching.

100% of the proceeds raised will be used to fund the rhino relocation process.

With your help, we can raise $45,000 and save #JustOneRhino.

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THANK YOU! – Winners Announced!

We raised a grand total of $12,140 in donations. We didn't hit our goal, but we are definitely not looking a gift horse in the mouth. We raised a five figure sum which is going to help to translocate #JustOneRhino from South Africa to Botswana.

Plus, as of 4pm on March 3rd, the winners of this year's #JustOneRhino raffle have been announced. Click here to see them now. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all for your support!

"The rhino poaching crisis is one of the most horrific and unnecessary wildlife threats we're facing today."
- Jeremy Scott Foster, TBC Founder
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