Alex Gaggioli

What’s your website, and why did you start it?

Cloudbeds was started on the idea that good hotel and hostel software shouldn’t be hard. Technology has evolved so much in the past few years that small independent hotels and hostels are able to compete on the same level as the big chains, even with a significantly smaller budget. Hospitality management software is our main focus, but we also like to share information on the industry and competitive landscape. Our blog focuses on tips and tricks that help independent property owners (hotels, bnbs, hostels, etc.) run their businesses. From marketing to business travel to yield management, we take a broad approach to what we like to share.

Cloudbeds provides three main products. Our property management system manages reservations, rate plans, check-in and check out, housekeeping, reporting, and more. Our channel manager allows properties to manage all their inventory in one place and update each channel as new bookings are made. And lastly, our booking engine allows properties to take reservations on their website without having to pay commissions to a third-party.

Can you recall a specific moment that sparked the “traveling bug” in you?

For me, personally, I started traveling around the United States at a young age with my grandparents in their RV. It was “glamping” at its finest. I’ve seen almost every state, and driven thousands and thousands of miles on our country’s highways discovering the good old Midwest. Since then, I’ve never stopped traveling and it has become a lifelong passion.

What is your dream trip/destination and why?

I’m dying to go to Cape Town, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Cape Town looks stunning and their history is intriguing. Sri Lanka, for one, just sounds awesome. A secluded beach-front sounds like a fantastic way to spend a week or two.

What does “traveling” mean to you?

Traveling means going to a new place and experiencing a different culture. On almost every trip I take, I try to find places off the beaten path. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, club, or hike, it’s always interesting to experience a place for what it actually is, and you can’t do that in the tourist centric places and activities.

How are you “creating change,” through your traveling or otherwise?

At my job, we’re empowering diffferent hospitality property owners with cloudbased software. We work with big and small companies, but we really enjoy helping the little guys run better businesses. That way they can make more of their traveling guest happy.

If any, Which organizations that drive change do you support?

I support all types of organizations, a few of my favorites are: WWF, Charity Water, and Father Joe’s in San Diego

What do you ask (or would you ask, given the opportunity) people to do to support those organizations? How do you help?

There are a lot of people around the world whoa need help. If you have time give someone a meal, a dollar, or just smile.