Interview with Drew Binsky

1. What’s Your Website, and Why Did You Start It?

I started The Hungry Partier in 2013, within days of moving to Seoul, South Korea, for a job teaching English. I already knew that I wanted to blog about my travels, and I of course already knew that I wanted to travel! I am all about having fun, and this blog was a way for me to experience the world, have a lot of fun, and share my adventures with my friends, family, and the rest of the world. In fairly short time, I realized I could monetize it and actually make some money with the blog… even better!

2. Can you Recall a Specific Moment that Sparked the “Travel Bug” in You?

Oh yeah. I definitely got the travel bug for the first time when I was studying abroad in Prague,Czech Republic. I went to University of Wisconsin - Madison, where I studied entrepreneurship and economics, and decided to see a little more of the world. Best decision I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t be here doing this today if I hadn’t gone to Prague! While I was there, I managed to travel across 20 European countries and backpacked around the continent for a few weeks after the semester ended. Somehow, I still managed to get good grades! A great mystery of my life.

3. What is Your Dream Destination, and Why?

My dream trip is to go to Antartica, because penguins are my favorite animal and I want to see them in their natural habitat!

4. What does “traveling” mean to you?

Traveling means meeting new people, eating new foods and immersing myself into new cultures.  My ultimate favorite part about travel is interacting with people, who don’t even speak my native language of English!  I’ve learned that almost every human being has the same needs – we all need to eat, have shelter to sleep, need to feel loved, and be close to our families.  Contrary to popular belief, money and wealth doesn’t always lead to happiness.

5. How are you “creating change,” through your traveling or otherwise?

 I am trying to be a role model for millennial travelers, or 16-30 year old aspiring travelers.   I want to be there to help them get started.  I want to give them good advice.  I want to be resource to answer all of their travel questions.  These are some of the way in which I stand out from the crowd. 

6. If any, Which organizations that drive change do you support?

 I like “The Water Project” which brings clean water to villages in Africa.  Are you aware that over 1 billion people suffer without access to clean water in the world? 

7. What do you ask (or would you ask, given the opportunity) people to do to support those organizations? How do you help?

I would ask people to physically go to African and volunteer.  When you go there, you can see everything with your own eyes, feel the need of the people, and try to solve the issue.